Haiti Restoration

The Background:

Since the catastrophic earthquake in January 2010, STEM’s partner churches in Haiti have led the way in restoring their communities. Most of all, they’ve held out the hope that recovery is possible, both physical and spiritual, as we put our hope in Jesus.

Team 688

STEM has sent a series of relief teams to serve these churches by clearing rubble and beginning to rebuild, and also by helping with medical clinics and other practical projects.

The focus has now shifted from immediate relief to long-term recovery. Our Haitian hosts are building community complexes that include churches, schools and clinics. Community gardens provide people with a way to earn a living.

Estimates vary, but it’s likely that over a million Haitians are still living in tents. As the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti still needs all kinds of help to recover and rebuild.  

The Response: Help Us Make A Difference!

Part of the Answer!

Teams go prepared to serve in practical ways as well as sharing the good news of the Gospel and praying for those still devastated by their losses.

We find out what skills and training team members have to offer and match them with the needs in Haiti. Skilled construction and medical personnel are especially valuable, but all team members can make a difference. Volunteers quickly learn how to dig foundations and lay concrete blocks.

The Next Step: Form a Team  

We’re looking for groups of twelve to serve in Haiti in response to our partner churches’ invitation. If you have a team of twelve or more you can pick your own dates. We’ll provide you with training materials and take you through the process step by step.

  • To book your own team to Haiti please contact STEM at 952-996-1385, toll free at 877-783-6646 or email: teams@bethfel.org
  • To join a team, go to the Current Team List to see a list of open teams that others can join. Download the registration packet and send us your application.

  • Cost:

    8-day/7-night cost per person (not including round trip airfare to Port-au-Prince) = $995

    ($75 registration fee plus $920 team fee) For longer teams add $65 per day This fee covers all your on-field expenses: food, water, lodging, transportation, interpreters, emergency medical insurance, ministry materials and offerings to our Haitian partners. Not included in this amount are: airfares, passports, immunizations.

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