August 2006

AUG 29

Mission Maker Magazine 2007

Mission Maker Magazine '07 will enter the mail stream on Oct 13 (apprx. 100,000 copies). On January 02 another 25,000 copies will be mailed as part of a follow-up package to all U.S.-based Urbana 2006 participants. Another 25,000 copies will available for mission conferences and bulk & individual copy sales.

The $5.95 2007 edition is 100 full-color pages with outstanding articles featuring: six unreached people groups; doing effective Muslim outreach; superficial evangelism vs. actual conversion; imperatives of healthy partnerships with non-Western missions; Saddleback Church’s PEACE Initiative; re-entry debriefing; and other well-crafted articles intended to strengthen the church by creating awareness for church planting and evangelism worldwide.

93 mission-related advertisers appear in the 2007 edition -- each one provides a product or service that can help you better fulfill your role in Christ's Great Commission.

The purpose of Mission Maker Magazine is to “bring God renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth” (Jer. 33:9).

The mission of Mission Maker Magazine is to ”glorify God by helping to equip the global missions community for Great Commission teamwork.”

Mission Maker Magazine is an annual 150,000-circulation Christian mission magazine published in a joint endeavor between STEMPress and Send the Light/Authentic (formerly OM Lit). Top Site Award!