April 2007

APR 11

April 2007 STMLC at 157 ... and Still Growing!

157 people were registered for the Apr 2007 STMLC in Minneapolis by the April 11 cost increase deadline; the final 2007 STMLC registrations will likely come in at the 160-170 range. For more information, or to register, click on the orange "TRAINING" tab above. (For maximum savings, register before April 19, since at-the-door registrations will be $20 to $30 more expensive; and save even more by simultaneously registering 3 or more people from your church, school, or organization before April 19.)
APR 20

Use of Year End Bequest Announced

A long-time STEM prayer and financial supporter, Mary M. Seth, 99 years old, went home to be with the Lord one year ago March 2006. Mary had named two mission organizations in her Trust — one of which was STEM. So when the matters of Mary’s estate settled on December 27, 2006, STEM was honored to receive her final gift for $116,115. STEM now announces that a significant portion of this generous bequest will be used during 2007 and 2008 to create a much-needed web-based STEM Team registration process, to be integrated with handling of other STEM Team information.

This financial blessing comes at a crucial time for STEM; in 2006 STEM was privileged to send 590 short-term volunteers. However, this year in 2007 we are already scheduled to send more than 850 short-term volunteers — that’s an substantial one-year increase of 44%. Using Mary’s generous gift to help accurately and quickly process increased amounts of Team-related information will help STEM speed up administrative operations for increased numbers of people, while maintaining fidelity and integrity within the overall process. Ultimately, it will help send even greater numbers of short-term volunteer workers into many parts of the world that still need to know — through our tender words and selfless deeds — of God’s love, freedom, and salvation available only through the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Glory to God!
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