August 2007

AUG 13

Welcome Janet Richels!

This past month has seen the addition of three new faces and this last one is certainly not least. Janet Richels has joined the STEM family, and her title of administrative assistant / bookkeeper doesn't do justice to her responsibilities. She has quickly learned and mastered every aspect of her new position. Fulfilling book orders, helping with Mission Maker Magazine, and bookkeeping are just a few of the duties she tackles each day. Thank you Janet for joining us — and for keeping us laughing!
AUG 23

STEM Successfully Completes Financial Audit Review

The Audit Review Committee (ARC) announces acceptance of STEM’s 2006 Annual Audited Financial Statements prepared by Babcock, Langbein, and Company. Earlier today the ARC made their unanimous recommendation to the STEM Board of Directors to approve these Statements at the September 6, 2007 meeting of the STEM Board of Directors.

On December 31, 2006, STEM’s total assets stood at $235,412 (compared to $135,631 the prior year).

At year-end December 31, 2006, STEM’s total revenue was $1,323,827 with total expenditures of $1,189,849 for a net “excess revenue” of $133,978 (compared to a negative –$29,093 the prior year).

We give the Lord thanks and praise for a stronger financial year in 2006! Top Site Award!