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Registration Open for Apr 2008 STMLC

Registration opened today for “Risk Assessment & Crisis Management in Short-Term Missions” — Keeping Your Short-Term Teams Safe in a Risky World, the April 2008 theme of the annual Short-Term Mission Leaders’ Conference. Click on the orange “TRAINING” tab above to find registration links or to learn more information.

Bob Klamser of Crisis Consulting International (C.C.I.) will serve as our primary STMLC 2008 plenary speaker. C.C.I. provides emergency or crisis assistance to international Christian organizations encountering terrorist threats and other emergencies. C.C.I. has been involved in these events worldwide, successfully negotiating the release of a number of missionary hostages. Their crisis management capability and experience extends well beyond hostage or terrorist events, ranging from resolving a bombing campaign directed toward a mission facility to handling extortion demands levied against mission personnel. Bob’s main sessions will cover:
• How to Do Risk Assessment for your Short-Term Mission Teams
• Trying to Avoid Crisis Management for Your Short-Term Mission Teams (but how to do it if needed)
• Getting Your Short-Term Teams Out to Minister in Risky Parts of the World
NOV 21

Hurricane Devastates Dominican Republic

First reports back from STEM partners in hurricane-hit Dominican Republic.

Hurricane Noel devastated the Dominican Republic in early November. The entire country is currently in a state of emergency.
- Over 16,000 homes have been destroyed
- More than 78,000 people are displaced
- At least 87 are confirmed dead
- 48 people are still missing
- Floods and mudslides have affected 80 percent of the country
- 95 percent of the plantain, banana, and tomato plantations have been damaged
- 40 percent of the water-supply distribution has suffered severe damage
- 60 percent of the 122 aqueducts have suffered severe damage
- At least 100 communities are still inaccessible because of damage to roads and bridges
- Cases of Malaria and Dengue Fever are rising rapidly in impacted areas
- Rats have infested many communities, spreading sickness and disease, even causing several deaths

Harvest Holistic Ministries in partnership with STEM Ministries

1. Give a financial donation to ministry in the Dominican through Harvest Ministries. The greatest need in the DR is money for simple resources such as food, drinking water, and medications. Our partner churches are unable to meet many of these simple needs of their people because of lack of funds. They are in desperate need of resources to minister to the people of the DR. Any donations of financial support would be greatly appreciated. If you feel led to support financially, please send donations to:

STEM Ministries
P.O. Box 386001
Minneapolis, MN 55438
You must specify that the funds are for the “Dominican Republic: Disaster Relief.”

2. Form a team to go to the Dominican Republic
- Because of the severity of the situation in the Dominican, no STEM teams will be sent there until spring 2008. However, if you’re interested in being one of the first teams to help, now is a great time to start the process.
- Teams that go during this rebuilding process will need to be very flexible with the schedule and projects. Be ready to serve, sacrifice, and share God’s love to many people who are in a broken time in their lives.
- The first tasks for STEM teams to the DR are disaster relief and recovery, motivated to be a blessing and to demonstrate love and care — with no strings attached — thereby earning the privilege of sharing the gospel.

Read more about STEM outreaches in the Dominican Republic at Top Site Award!