October 2009

OCT 15

STEM Author on AM980 KKMS Radio

On Thu. Oct. 15, STEM Author David Aeilts and retired Wycliffe Bible Translator Ken Jacobs were interviewed on "KKMS Live with Jeff and Lee," discussing the newly-released STEM Press book, "These Words Changed Everything—Startling News that Rebuilt a Maya Worldview." KKMS is a Minneapolis/St. Paul Christian talk radio station, located at 980 on the AM dial.

David Aeilts (pronounced like the 'aisles' in a church or theater) recounts the dramatic true story of Ken and Elaine Jacobs' 47+ years efforts among the Maya Chamula Indians of southern Mexico, the most feared and intimidating traditional tribe in Mexico. As the Jacobs learned the Chamula language, and reduced it to writing (creating the Chamula alphabet), the Word of God was eventually translated into the Chamula's mother tongue — and EVERYTHING changed: Chamulas began prospering economically, their social structure improved, their educational and political structures improved, and Chamulas were released from centuries trapped in spiritual prisons of darkness, as they entered into a life-giving relationship with the True God of all creation. The Word of God literally changed everything.

See http://www.kkms.com/ for more radio station information; and http://stemintl.org/publications/order/product/mr52 for more information on the book (copy and paste these links in your browser).
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