March 2010


First Haiti Disaster Relief Team

The first STEM Haiti Relief team is on the field and working hard. The full team arrived on March 1, less than two months after the earthquake devastated the country! The team consists of seven missionaries in training at Bethany College of Missions along with three other adults from MN, WI, and NC. Here is the first report from the team:

We finally got internet today! The team is doing great, really. Today we went to Trousable (by the way, we are staying in LaKay in a wondeful facility.. in tents so it's really nice and cool at night) we had a Clinic (no doctors but some meds from {a pastor's} church. We have one nurse and a couple of the ladies helped her, I made a small pharmacy, it was just special.
We saw around 91 people! The Lord really multiplied skills, medicine, time, etc. The refugee camp we worked at was totally blessed. We prayed over mostly everyone who showed up, played with kids, talked to people, it was just amazing! We are so thankful, God is wonderful!

Please continue to hold this team up in your prayers!

The next team will be flying out to PAP early in the morning on Saturday March 6th.
MAR 29

STEM's 25th Anniversary!

STEM Ministries just celebrated our 25th Anniversary!

Things look very different today than they did when Roger Peterson led the first STEM team of 18 people to Haiti on March 16, 1985.

Now, 25 years and hundreds of mission teams later, STEM is sending a series of relief teams to Haiti in response to one of the worst natural disasters the world has ever seen.

Two of these teams are from Bethany College of Missions. One went over spring break and has now returned; the other will leave in May. STEM Ministries is now a part of Bethany International with a whole range of new partnering opportunities that will take STEM to the next level of excellence in short-term missions.

Bethany International recently designated a page on their website to celebrate this major anniversary with STEM. Copy and paste: into your web browser to see more! Top Site Award!