August 2010

AUG 24

Another great update from our Haiti Leaders!

"Every week we mention something about having a wonderful week, and the truth is, in fact, that we do have a wonderful time each week! God continues to amaze us with His faithfulness, grace, and strength, and the blessing of willing people who come and serve here in Haiti.

Last week we had a team of 8, it was a family with 3 children with ages 8, 11, 13 from Canada, and 3 people from the US. The first 3 days we worked in a community an hour from Port Au Prince, in Cabaret, at the refugee camp. We are helping build a church and a school at a Samaritan’s Purse project. It’s the first time we are able to spend more than one day there, and the experience was great! Each morning we helped with construction, mainly moving rocks and gravel for the floor of the buildings. When we say WE, it means everyone, including the dozens of children adding to the work. Many of them carried buckets, others carried the rocks with bare hands, some looked for anything that would hold more than a rock, and some tried to get a shovel or a wheel barrel when none of us was looking. It could seem as they were just playing, but they helped us indeed!

During the afternoon we would just spend time with the community, having a Bible lesson and crafts. The team was dramatizing each Bible story and it was very fun for the kids to be part of that. Another blessing was to have children on the team (that helped the community kids not to miss Arianna very much –our 8 year old girl from 2 weeks ago!). We were able to set a soccer match where children, youth and even the workers got involved, it turned out to be quite the community event!

Other day the camp “mayor” invited us to visit the camp with him. It was an amazing experience to see how the families are trying to make their tents a home by setting gardens and small details. Good news was to learn that they are having regular medical check-ups and, in general, the community is very healthy.

The last day of work we spent it in Trousable. We went back to the church we’ve been working at. It’s awesome to see the church is almost ready, possibly will be finished in a couple of weeks. We helped setting the rebar for the floor above the cistern, and pouring the cement for it. It was fun to see the buckets coming and going and to see the church floor finished so quickly! It was so exciting for the team to be part of the work and the vision God has given the pastors for this season. Continue praying for this community, that the Lord will supply every need and that the church will shine even brighter! The church also wants to open a school for the community kids who haven’t been able to attend, please pray for workers and supplies needed.

Today arrives the last team, pray for us so God will give us the wisdom and strength needed to fulfill His purpose for us here. Two team members from last week stayed for this week of work also, pray for them so the Lord will continue to be present in their life every day. Thank you for all your support in prayers, we know the Lord remains faithful!


PS. This week the internet nor the electricity have been great, but we’ll try to load pictures soon, you can still follow the blog this week!" Top Site Award!