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Pivotal “Back-Home” Follow-Up Journal

Don’t crash & burn! “Bringing It Home” by pastor Jim Mersereau is a vital 14-day devotional designed to lead short-termers to prayerfully think through their mission experience, gain insight into what God was teaching, and learn how those lessons should make a difference in the practice of faith back home. It’s a fabulous tool which should be required reading and journaling for every short-termer beginning day one back home from the field.

“Bringing It Home” functions intentionally as the post-field, back-home follow-up companion guide to Cindy Judge’s popular best-selling pre-field devotional journal, “Before You Pack Your Bags, Prepare Your Heart.” Both books can be purchased together in a package discount (saving you 25% off list price) from the STEMPress online bookstore at: (paste link into your browser, then scroll down to the very bottom of the page).

Prepare Your Heart!

It’s still the #1 best-selling devotional prep booklet for short-term teams. Make sure you’ve got enough copies of "Before You Pack Your Bags Prepare Your Heart" for each of your team members well in advance of your on-field ministry. Then be sure to follow-up when team members return home with "Bringing It Home." Click on the lime-colored PUBLICATIONS tab above to read more information or to purchase these books!
JAN 25

The God Ask

“The God Ask” may be the VERY BEST book written on raising financial support — especially for those missionaries and other Christian workers requiring ongoing monthly financial support commitments. To learn more, or to order your copy, go to:

A Spirituality of Fundraising

Classic fundraising book by Henri Nouwen for short-termers and others raising money for Kingdom endeavors. Easy 64-page read. Get it now at:
MAY 19

Cross-Cultural Servanthood

Don’t offend people in other cultures! Get Duane Elmer's culturally-savvy insight in “Cross-Cultural Servanthood” at:
MAR 31

1st Q 2014 Book Orders Up +35%!

STEMPress website book sales were up 34.8% for the 1st quarter 2014 compared to one year ago. Since STEMPress exists to extend God's glory by publishing and distributing mission materials and resources that equip, support, and improve short-term mission efforts, we are thrilled more churches and individuals are taking advantage of the great missions resources we offer on this site — nearly all offered at discount prices to help you stretch your dollar!
JAN 31

When Helping Hurts

A mandatory read for every short-term mission leader! Get it from STEMPress today with discounts of 19% to 29% off list price! Copy and paste in your browser:
NOV 15

Very Best STM Books

The "#1 Most-Needed STM Books" (best-selling / most-effective / most popular short-term mission books) are now collected together within one category in our online bookstore (click the PUBLICATIONS tab above, then click "#1 Most-Needed STM Books"). These 15 books are produced by 8 different publishers and should be a part of every church & agency's short-term mission library. And of course the books should all be read, discussed, and applied on an ongoing basis!

New Mission Helps 2012

Several new missions books and missions resources will come on line during early 2012, all with the intent to help you and your church do the best possible Christian missions work you can do!

Mission Maker Magazine

STEMPress is in discussions with another Christian group to re-launch Mission Maker Magazine and expand its distribution coverage! Updates will be posted here as pertinent information becomes available.
OCT 15

STEM Author on AM980 KKMS Radio

On Thu. Oct. 15, STEM Author David Aeilts and retired Wycliffe Bible Translator Ken Jacobs were interviewed on "KKMS Live with Jeff and Lee," discussing the newly-released STEM Press book, "These Words Changed Everything—Startling News that Rebuilt a Maya Worldview." KKMS is a Minneapolis/St. Paul Christian talk radio station, located at 980 on the AM dial.

David Aeilts (pronounced like the 'aisles' in a church or theater) recounts the dramatic true story of Ken and Elaine Jacobs' 47+ years efforts among the Maya Chamula Indians of southern Mexico, the most feared and intimidating traditional tribe in Mexico. As the Jacobs learned the Chamula language, and reduced it to writing (creating the Chamula alphabet), the Word of God was eventually translated into the Chamula's mother tongue — and EVERYTHING changed: Chamulas began prospering economically, their social structure improved, their educational and political structures improved, and Chamulas were released from centuries trapped in spiritual prisons of darkness, as they entered into a life-giving relationship with the True God of all creation. The Word of God literally changed everything.

See for more radio station information; and for more information on the book (copy and paste these links in your browser).

These Words Changed Everything

A new STEM Press book will be released October 15th. “These Words Changed Everything -- Startling News that Rebuilt a Maya Worldview” is authored by David Aeilts and edited by STEM’s Roger Peterson. STEM's long-time ministry partner, Bethany International (their printing division, Bethany Press International) was awarded the printing/binding contract for this outstanding 192-page perfect-bound paperback book.

Who are the Chamula people? How could simple Words sabotage their animistic allegiance to death, poverty, and the “gift of the gods”? How could such Words cause tens of thousands to forge new lives and permeate their communities with uncompromising hope?

Find out beginning October 15th from STEM Press! -- and by visiting now! (copy and paste the link into your browser)
OCT 12

Mission Maker Magazine 2009!

110,000 copies of Mission Maker Magazine 2009 hit the postal mail stream today, October 12! An additional 25,000 copies are also be available for single copy and bulk copy purchase.

You can order your copy (or multiple copies) now by clicking on the "Publications" tab above; then simply click on "Mission Maker Magazine 2009!".
MAR 31

STEM CEO Authors 1st 'Perspectives' Short-Term Mission Article!

Since 1974, more than 70,000 believers in N. America have experienced the Perspectives course. It’s 800-page textbook (the Perspectives Reader), already in the 3rd Edition, contains more than 120 in-depth mission articles — with the notable exception of anything on short-term missions.

The updated 4th Edition of the Perspectives Reader will be going to press this summer 2008, and contained within the “Strategic Perspective” section of the new Reader will finally be an article on short-term missions. STEM CEO Roger Peterson was asked in early March 2008 to provide a 3,000-word article for the new Reader, and on March 31, 2008, Roger submitted the article.

Roger took his Perspectives course for credit in 1990 on the campus of the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, California. Since that time, Roger has been a Perspectives faculty class instructor, specializing in the “Obligation and Opportunity,” “The Task Remaining” (out of which came the popular Mission Maker Magazine annual article, “GodSpace”), and “World Christian Teamwork.”

May the Lord be glorified through Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, including Roger’s new article on short-term missions!
SEP 22

More Mission Books!

Find more than 90 mission books/products in the newly-expanded & upgraded STEM online bookstore! Just click on the "publications" tab to view the items. The bookstore expansion was made possible by a partnership with our friends at Send The Light / Authentic Publishing near Atlanta, Georgia, and e3 Resources from Franklin, Tennessee.

The mission of STEM Press is "to extend God's glory by publishing and distributing mission materials and resources that equip, support, and improve short-term mission efforts." Our new partnerships with STL/Authentic and e3 Resources help make this happen!
AUG 29

Mission Maker Magazine 2007

Mission Maker Magazine '07 will enter the mail stream on Oct 13 (apprx. 100,000 copies). On January 02 another 25,000 copies will be mailed as part of a follow-up package to all U.S.-based Urbana 2006 participants. Another 25,000 copies will available for mission conferences and bulk & individual copy sales.

The $5.95 2007 edition is 100 full-color pages with outstanding articles featuring: six unreached people groups; doing effective Muslim outreach; superficial evangelism vs. actual conversion; imperatives of healthy partnerships with non-Western missions; Saddleback Church’s PEACE Initiative; re-entry debriefing; and other well-crafted articles intended to strengthen the church by creating awareness for church planting and evangelism worldwide.

93 mission-related advertisers appear in the 2007 edition -- each one provides a product or service that can help you better fulfill your role in Christ's Great Commission.

The purpose of Mission Maker Magazine is to “bring God renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth” (Jer. 33:9).

The mission of Mission Maker Magazine is to ”glorify God by helping to equip the global missions community for Great Commission teamwork.”

Mission Maker Magazine is an annual 150,000-circulation Christian mission magazine published in a joint endeavor between STEMPress and Send the Light/Authentic (formerly OM Lit).

STEM Bookstore to Expand July 2006

Authentic (STL's publishing division) will list up to 300 of their excellent mission titles through the STEM Press online bookstore beginning July 2006. Volney James (Authentic publisher) and Roger Peterson (STEM publisher) are pleased to announce this partnership, which will provide "mission customers" with immediate, secure online purchasing access to a vastly expanded missions bookstore. Several of these new titles will also be listed and offered through the book catalogue contained in the 150,000-circulation "Mission Maker Magazine" (published every October by STEM Press).

Authentic is the publishing division of Send The Light (STL), publishing books and resources with a focus on global mission and cross cultural evangelism.

The purpose of STEM Press is to publish and distribute the best-available mission materials that will help improve Christian short-term mission. STEM's partnership with Authentic will help fulfill this purpose.
NOV 28

Urbana / Mission Maker Magazine Partnership

Urbana 06 and Mission Maker Magazine announce the formation of a "Great Commission Follow-Up Partnership." This partnership will provide Urbana 06 participants continued motivation to serve in global and cross-cultural missions by providing additional “next-steps-in-missions” follow-up material to the Urbana 06 program. During the closing night of Urbana 06, participants will be challenged to personally commit to giving, praying, or serving in missions. Following the Urbana 06 mission convention, all 30,000 (+/-) participants will receive solid, next-step options through Mission Maker Magazine 2007 and material from Urbana. This "Great Commission Follow-Up Partnership" provides practical "next-step" options to help participants honor those commitments.

For sixty years, God has used Urbana conventions to transform students’ lives and to advance His Kingdom in our world. For more information on participating in the Urbana 06 student mission convention December 27–31, 2006 in St. Louis, Missouri, visit

Mission Maker Magazine is the largest-distributed Christian mission magazine in the United States, with a circulation of more than 150,00 and an estimated readership of more than 300,000. To participate in Mission Maker Magazine 2007, visit
OCT 18

Mission Maker Magazine

111,000 copies of the 137,700 press run of Mission Maker Magazine 2006 were drop shipped into the U.S. Postal mail stream on October 18. Additional copies of Mission Maker Magazine 2006 can be ordered off this website via the "Publications" tab. Top Site Award!