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At STEM’s recent Board Meeting, Directors encouraged STEM Founder Roger Peterson to expand STEM’s on-site STM training and consulting, as one of the highest-leverage opportunities to share our 30 years of short-term mission wealth.

STEM has been providing on-site training for more than 20 years, and now the Board believes that expanding these efforts is an unique opportunity God has given us to best help the church excel at its job of reaching the world for Christ.

STEM will focus more prominently on providing our biblically anchored, experientially acquired knowledge and skill resources to better equip the church for maximized effectiveness in transformational short-term mission. STEM will also provide on-site training and consulting to help churches and other organizations achieve higher levels of effectiveness in cross-cultural relationships, leadership, and organizational governance.

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Two Outstanding April Mission Conferences

STEM Training, in partnership with Bethany International announce two significant mission conferences on the campus of Bethany International, 6820 Auto Club Road, Bloomington, Minnesota. The Short-Term Mission Leaders’ Conference (STMLC) April 14-16, followed by “Commission 2011” from 1:00pm to 10:00pm Saturday April 16, both feature world Christian leader and Youth With A Mission founder Loren Cunningham.

Loren has personally been to every sovereign nation on earth, all for the sake of the Gospel. This has given Loren valuable insight into global trends and uniquely prepares him to share God’s strategies around the world. Loren’s experience, coupled with his call to build bridges of unity within the body of Christ, cause him to be sought out by leaders of nations and organizations worldwide. He speaks publicly in 30 to 40 countries every year, and has spoken to live audiences of up to a million people gathered in one location.
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April 14-16, 2011: “The Leader’s Call”
The 11th annual Short-Term Mission Leaders’ Conference, “The Leaders Call,” trains church, school, and agency leaders in short-term mission best practices and strategies. The STMLC draws in participants from all over the US. Workshops will be offered on topics such as short-term mission basics, millenials in missions, missions to the least-reached, becoming intercultural, crisis management, team building, and many more. The STMLC runs from 6:00pm on Thursday April 14 to 1:00pm Saturday April 16. Cost group discounts, registration, and other information can be found on the STEM website at:

April 16, 2011: “Commission 2011”
With 600-800 people expected to attend, this event is a Midwest conference for those who are committed to seeing the Good News taken to those who have never heard. Workshops will be offered on topics such as justice, working with refugees and next steps on career choices. Cost group discounts, registration, and other information can be found on the Commission 2011 website at:
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Loren Cunningham Kenotes April STMLC

YWAM Founder Loren Cunningham will be this year’s keynote speaker for The Leader's Call (STMLC) 2011! Loren is the president and founder of University of the Nations. YWAM (Youth With A Mission) has more than 1,200 bases in 173 nations, and is the largest Christian mission organizations on the planet!

Joining Loren as plenary speakers will be Tim Freeman, Executive Vice President of Bethany International, and Linda Olson, who has many years of experience in short-term mission training and leadership and is currently teaching communication and leadership at the University of Denver.

Between plenary sessions you will have the opportunity to choose from more than 30 different workshops on various topics. Some of these topics will focus on:

* Maximizing Media in STM
* Team Building
* Short-Term Mission Basics (STM 101)
* Crisis and Urgent Event Management
* Debriefing/Re-entry
* Reaching the Least Reached
* Effective Partnerships
* Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions
* Successful Team Meetings

... and many more!

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Conference Fee Reduced by 20%!

We want to make The Leader's Call (STMLC) available to as many people possible.
As an added incentive, we have found a way to drop last year's cost by 20%! This brings the cost for the average attendee down to only $159. If you bring a group of 3 or more it brings the cost down to only $139 per person!

We hope that this makes it more affordable for you to come and bring a group with you this year!

Get a 60 second preview on YouTube at:

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Changes are being made to the Registration pages of the website and should be implemented by Monday, December 20.

Registration Open for Apr 2008 STMLC

Registration opened today for “Risk Assessment & Crisis Management in Short-Term Missions” — Keeping Your Short-Term Teams Safe in a Risky World, the April 2008 theme of the annual Short-Term Mission Leaders’ Conference. Click on the orange “TRAINING” tab above to find registration links or to learn more information.

Bob Klamser of Crisis Consulting International (C.C.I.) will serve as our primary STMLC 2008 plenary speaker. C.C.I. provides emergency or crisis assistance to international Christian organizations encountering terrorist threats and other emergencies. C.C.I. has been involved in these events worldwide, successfully negotiating the release of a number of missionary hostages. Their crisis management capability and experience extends well beyond hostage or terrorist events, ranging from resolving a bombing campaign directed toward a mission facility to handling extortion demands levied against mission personnel. Bob’s main sessions will cover:
• How to Do Risk Assessment for your Short-Term Mission Teams
• Trying to Avoid Crisis Management for Your Short-Term Mission Teams (but how to do it if needed)
• Getting Your Short-Term Teams Out to Minister in Risky Parts of the World
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April 2007 STMLC at 157 ... and Still Growing!

157 people were registered for the Apr 2007 STMLC in Minneapolis by the April 11 cost increase deadline; the final 2007 STMLC registrations will likely come in at the 160-170 range. For more information, or to register, click on the orange "TRAINING" tab above. (For maximum savings, register before April 19, since at-the-door registrations will be $20 to $30 more expensive; and save even more by simultaneously registering 3 or more people from your church, school, or organization before April 19.)

Lisa Espineli Chinn & Tim Dearborn at April 2007 STMLC!

IVCF’s Lisa Espineli Chinn, and World Vision's Tim Dearborn, are the featured STMLC speakers Apr 19-21 held at Bethany College of Missions, Minneapolis (click on the TRAINING tab above for more STMLC information).

LISA ESPINELI CHINN serves as Director of the International Student Ministries of InterVarsity/USA in Madison, Wisconsin. Lisa is known around the United States as the “short-term mission reentry” expert. Her clearly-articulated passion is for partners and equal players throughout our short-term mission endeavors. Lisa was also the Urbana 2006 closing night plenary speaker this past December 2006. Lisa was born in Quezon City, Philippines. After completing a B.S. in Foreign Service from the University of the Philippines, she joined Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Philippines as a campus staff worker. Three years later, she took a study leave to do graduate work at Wheaton Graduate School in Illinois. After finishing her M.A. in Communications at Wheaton, she worked with international students for InterVarsity in Philadelphia for a year. Lisa returned to work with Inter-Varsity in the Philippines, where she pioneered the Literature Department and Grad Teams throughout the country. She later returned to the United States, where she served for 3 years as a campus staff worker with InterVarsity, and 18 years with her husband as international student staff with several organizations in the greater Washington D.C. area. Lisa is known for her pioneering work in international student re-entry. Lisa and her husband, Leiton, have three children, Lani, Eric and Lea. In her spare time, she enjoys watercolor painting, scrapbooking, and reading. Lisa is the author of the Deeper Roots publication “Reentry Guide for Short-Term Mission Leaders.”

TIM DEARBORN is the Associate Director for Christian Commitments, and Faith and Development, World Vision International. Tim has been married for 35 years to Kerry Dearborn. They have three grown daughters. As World Vision International’s associate director for Christian Commitments, Tim supports 180 World Vision staff members in 85 countries who are responsible for three areas: the spiritual nurture of the World Vision partnership’s 24,000 staff; the development of programs designed to assist church leaders in their ministries with the poor; and the integration of Christian witness into WV’s programs to ensure that they are appropriate within the countries in which we work. Prior to this appointment, Tim served as Chief of Staff for WVUS; dean of the chapel and professor of theology at Seattle Pacific University; professor of mission, world religions, spirituality and ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary, Regent College, the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and the Faculte de Theologie Evangelique in Paris. Previously, he served as Pastor of Urban and Global Mission at University Presbyterian Church, Seattle, and with Eskimos and Native Americans in Alaska. He holds a Ph.D. in systematic theology from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, masters degrees in intercultural communication and history of religion from Fuller Seminary and Harvard University, and a degree in history from Whitman College. He has authored five books on spirituality, globalization and mission-related issues. He is an ordained minister with the Presbyterian Church (USA), and a very engaging, articulate speaker.
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Mission Trip Leader Training Apr 2006

Short-Term Mission Leaders' Conference will be April 20-22, 2006 in Minneapolis, MN. This annual training event seeks to empower more than 150 different church, school, and mission agency leaders to do the most effective job possible in their own Christian short-term mission trips. Click on the "TRAINING" tab above, then go to the April Conference link for more information. Or email us at

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