Review Copy

By request, a review copy is available to instructors and professors who wish to review a title as a possible classroom textbook. Currently you may select one or more of these three mission titles:

STEM Press will mail a review copy with an invoice (payment due in sixty days). We’ll cancel the invoice on notice that an order for ten or more copies is forthcoming or if you return the book in saleable condition. 

To request a review copy, kindly email your request using our website’s General Inquiry Form, including the following information (most of which will need to be entered into the “questions/comment/request” box contained within that Form). Requests that do not contain all the requested information will not be processed.

  • The title of the book you’re requesting; also specify “review copy”
  • The name and course number for which you will consider the book
  • The semester (or other timetable) the course will be offered
  • The estimated enrollment of the course
  • Your name, department, college / university
  • Shipping and other contact information as requested within the Inquiry Form Top Site Award!