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STEM Team Leader's Notebook (most recent revision)

Subtitle: On-Field Leadership for STEM Short-Term Mission Teams

Author(s): STEM Ministries Team Operations

STEM Press Number: HT03

Shipped From: This item will be shipped by STEM Press from Orlando FL within 3 business days.

Publisher: STEM Press

ISBN: None

Description: A clean, highly-functional 3-ring notebook used on-field by all STEM Team Leaders to organize and lead STEM short-term teams. Contains incredibly helpful team leadership management tools, including:
• User-friendly illustration Charts & Tables
• More than 25 checklists (for Team Leaders in various scenarios)
• 6 On-field Team Management Forms (itinerary calenders, daily schedules, devotional schedules, daily planner, etc.)
• 8 Accountability Report Forms (road cash reporting form, financial recap form, 3 different team leader accountability report forms, sending partner’s evaluation form, and more)

Organized into 10 sections, and already hole-punched to drop into a 3-ring notebook binder:
1. About STEM (unique to STEM — but you can add your own unique organizational information here as well)
2. Team Leadership Philosophies (values, non-negotiables, job description, etc.)
3. Pre-Field, On-Field, & Post-Field Responsibilities (handy checklists)
4. Paperwork, Schedules, and Instructions (incredibly handy forms)
5. On-Field Orientation; On-Field Debriefing
6. Team Teachings (containing missions and ministry teachings; you may also add your own)
7. Crisis & Urgent Event Management
8. Supplemental Resources
9. Closing Packet (open slot for specific team’s closing paperwork & Team Op data)
10. Other

No need to re-invent the wheel — learn how STEM did Team Leading for more than 25 years, and adapt what you need into your own program!

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