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Crisis and Urgent Event Management

Subtitle: (For STEM Short-Term Missions)

Author(s): Dana Bromley

STEM Press Number: HT09

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Publisher: STEM Press

Description: If your church, school or agency sends short-term mission teams — and you want to learn how you might do so with as much safety and risk-reduction as humanly possible — there is probably no better tool on the market than this manual.

You'll learn how you can better assess and reduce potential risks and dangers; and you'll learn how to prepare for and respond to the risks and dangers you can't reduce. This is STEM Ministries' comprehensive program for risk assessment, contingency planning, and crisis management developed over a 15-year period in consultation with the #1 missionary "Crisis Consulting International" firm ( and Bob Klamser. 88 well-organized pages; comes ready to drop into your 3-ring notebook.

• understanding the difference between "urgent events" vs. "true crisis events"
• assessing the potential on-field dangers and risks (tactical risk assessments and strategic risk forecasting)
• reducing the potential dangers and risks (contingency planning: location-specific plans; and mitigation steps)
• preparing for risks that cannot be reduced (via organizational policies, due diligence, proper training & equipping, and more)
• how to respond when an urgent or crisis event occurs (event management, event resolution teams, response protocol, response procedures, and more)
• a list of nearly 3 dozen other helpful resources to consider
• cleanly-organized table of contents and alphabetical index to help you rapidly locate what you need

Each person on your short-term mission management team should consider having (and studying!) a copy of this manual.

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