Publishing Your Book With STEM Press

If you’re a budding author or already-published author who is looking for a publisher that specializes in short-term mission publications, you may want to consider submitting your proposal to STEM Press. If we are interested in your proposal, we may be able to provide editing, typesetting, interior and cover design, and sales and distribution for your completed book.

Important Note: We only consider Proposals within the short-term mission realm (or Proposals that contain a broader aspect of missions useful to short-term mission). Your potential book must focus on a short-term mission issue or concept not already in publication.

Proposal Requirements

Your Proposal must address these 7 items:

  1. Skill: you need to be able to write!
  2. Focus: your writing needs to focus in on one or more specific aspects of short-term missions
  3. New: you need to be writing something new and not necessarily re-writing something that has already been published elsewhere (this means you should have done your own literature review and have come to a relatively good understanding of what has already been published concerning short-term missions)
  4. Target: you need to identify which “pieces” of the short-term mission market you are writing for (for Sending Supporters? for Sending Entities (and which Sending Entities)? for Team Members or Team Leaders? for host receiving Field Facilitators? or for who else?)
  5. Summarize: you need to summarize (in one paragraph) the problem you are trying to solve by writing this book
  6. Outline: you need to have a fairly-well organized outline of proposed book chapters
  7. Timeline: you need to have an idea of when you think you can reasonably complete your book

Step #1

Pray. Then, write a Proposal by addressing the 7 items above. Please paste your Proposal in message box of the General Inquiry Email Form. Please DO NOT send a completed manuscript or any additional information at this time.

Step #2

A STEM Press editor will get back to you after reviewing your Proposal, to let you know whether or not we are interested in proceeding. Top Site Award!