Selling Your Already-Published
Book thru STEM Press

If you’ve already published a book or other mission resource (a manual, a DVD, a video, etc.) that can help short-term missions, and you don’t see that product already being sold in our STEM Press on-line bookstore, we'd love the opportunity to help you sell your mission resource!

Step #1

Your first step is review the "6 Wholesale Purchase & Re-Sell Options" that STEM Press makes available for each of our publishing partners (download that 1-page pdf file now).

Step #2

Your second step is to email us the following information (or call us toll-free 1-877-STEM-646):

  1. Title (and subtitle)
  2. Brief product description or abstract (including how your product can benefit people doing short-term mission trips)
  3. Number of pages; and how the item is packaged (perfect bound paperback, hard cover, spiral bound notebook, 3-ring notebook, DVD jewel case, etc.)
  4. Author(s)
  5. Publisher’s name and contact information
  6. Year published
  7. ISBN (if already assigned)
  8. Retail list price
  9. Whether or not your product is being sold by other distributors, or by just you alone
  10. Which of the "6 Wholesale Purchase & Re-Sell Options" you'd like STEM to consider

Step #3

Then postal mail (or FedEx, etc.) 2 or preferably 3 complimentary desk review copies of your book. (Sorry, we cannot return these copies; they remain the property of STEM at this point.)

Step #4

Upon receiving this information, a STEM Press editor will get back to you with any other questions we may still have. If we are interested, we’ll help you take it from there!

Thanks for asking STEM Press to help make your mission-related product available to mission practitioners all around the world! Top Site Award!